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CJ Sidecar offers you the highest quality Chang Jiang 750 sidecar restoration available in China . Ride with confidence on a Vintage CJ 750 sidecar from CJ sidecar.

Owning a highest quality Vintage People's Liberation Army CJ 750 Sidecar is dream of many people!!!

CJ Sidecar is one of exporters of CJ 750 sidecar in China , however, CJ Sidecar.com Company has been on the top position of exporting sidecar in China for many years. We are trusted and welcomed by our customers with our highest quality, excellent service and best credit.

We have been in the line of restoring old PLA bike for 10 years. Reliability and performance is a top priority for all of our restorations. Skilled mechanic, veteran expert and highest quality parts are key factors to having a reliable bike. They are what we use in our restoration. When we restore, we use highest quality parts from Chinese Army stock. We use top quality chrome that does not rust, the best paint and best polish. Each sidecar restoration goes through a process of quality control that ensures you a super performance and reliability. Though we can not say our price is the best, we assure you highest quality and honest price.

Enjoy riding a classic Chang Jiang 750 Sidecar from CJ Sidecar!

If you are in Shanghai and want to spend a happy weekend by riding Chang Jiang 750 sidecar, please join us! Our Shanghai Branch usually arranges Europeans and Americans to have trips on weekend by riding sidecars! Enjoy happiness of riding CJ Sidecar! Welcome to join us and own a classic Sidecar!

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